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In my opinion Nurses uniforms - past and present is a very interesting website . There are thousands of images of people in nurse uniforms to see. But sometimes you're looking for an image with a specific text or a specific year. That means that you often have to search all the 500 pages to find it. On this website, each picture a caption, coming from a certain country and comes from a particular page. In short, a picture has certain properties. On this page, it is possible to search for such properties.


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Each image is shown from which country it comes. Select a country from the list.

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On the website Nurse uniforms - past and present you can only search by clicking on a particular page from 1 to 500. With this system you can get such a page from the list and look inside. Pages 1000 to 4000 are images of actresses playing nurse in a series.

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In this list all sorts of topics can be found, such as television series, nurse professions and much more. Select a series from the list.

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Each picture on this site has text. With this method you can search on words in these texts. Please enter some words..

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This website links to images stored on a server of the site Nurses uniforms - past and present. Now there are multiple servers on which the images are hosted. Click a server from the list and see the images sorted by year and file number.

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Each sorted picture on this website has a year. This method allows you to search by year from 1905 till 2005. Select a date from the list.