Welcome to A revision or nurse uniforms - Past & Present. This is a long-term project to provide a free online resource on the Internet with images of people in nurses uniforms. These people are nurses or fashion models or actors.

This site has approximately 6,000 images of people in nurse uniforms. The images are from Great Britain, USA, Japan and Hong Kong and more countries. The images have been published on the site Nurse uniforms - past and present, but this website groups the images and sort them out.


I do not own the images. This site links to my source: Nurse uniforms past and present. These images are not subject to any copyright or copyleft. You are free to copy or to save the images. If you use images on other sites, I would like you to quote this site.


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February 2017

Some things on this site has been changed.

December 2016

Happy Christmas/Good New Year to you all. Some new improvements to this site.

July 2016

During the time, I made some improvements to the site. But I was doing something else like gardening and other stuff on the internet. So what's new?